Automated risk-return optimization for your ETF portfolio

Apply the proper asset allocation at the right time.


Results of our investment portfolio strategies


NOTIFINIO adds +1.036% in profit every year in comparison to Buy & Hold Strategy.

* Results provided for ‘Risk lover’ strategy.
* BUY & HOLD portfolio approach was to buy assets and maintain the same % allocation every day.

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How does it work?

Select a curated portfolio or design your own.

Choose from one of the low-cost, globally diversified portfolios. Want to keep your own portfolio? You can adjust individual asset class weights.

Stay connected

Get rebalance recommendations and apply them on your brokerage account. Only you can access your investment.

Diversify your holdings and grow your portfolio.

This is a moment when power of technology comes into a game. We make sure every dollar is working for you.

Verified Approach

We don’t believe that anybody can systematically beat the market by 10 or 100+ percents. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t ways to improve your returns. Our goal is to maximize your returns by following simple principles of passive investing and cost optimization. 

Time-tested investment strategy

We keep track of your progress with continuous support and rebalancing as needed to make sure you’re on the right path to meet your financial goals.

+1.036% ROI per year
NOTIFINIO adds +1.036% in profit every year in comparison to Buy & Hold Strategy
Flat Fee
Single price for any portfolio size
Risk-reward optimized
Stable long-term growth with 2 times smaller risk

Choose your plan

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$ 26
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  • 4 portfolio templates
  • Unlimited Rebalancing
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$ 144
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  • Customizable portfolio
  • 4 backtests runs for your portfolio


Do you hold my assets?

No, we don’t. You only get the rebalancing/re-investment suggestions to apply. We do not manage directly your investment portfolio.

Do you have a trial period?

Yes, we do. You have 1-month free trial period without any functionality limitations. Start it today and see how your portfolio grows fast.


  • Access to our pre-defined & tested portfolio universe
  • Possibility to create your own portfolio
  • Immediate notification with the suggested changes for your portfolio to meet the investment goal

What is the difference between Notifinio and other robo-advisors?

We use technology to recommend a portfolio, automate the investment process and avoid human factor. The main difference lays in the portfolio investment strategy.

Notifinio’s main goal is to minimize the loses. That is the moment when you lose most of the hard-gained profit.

What is your investment approach?

It is all about money management. According to multiple kinds of research, your portfolio profitability depends NOT on how your portfolio growth, BUT how you save profits & decrease the loss.

Is there an account minimum?

You can start with a small portfolio as you want. We recommend to have at least $150, so you can buy more than one share.


What is ETF?

Exchange Traded Fund is a bucket of various investment managed by a professional management team. There is a different type of ETF varying from index tracker to leveraged funds. Find out more.

What is the cost?

After 14 days free trial, it costs you just $59 $26 per year regardless of the number positions you have or value of the portfolio.