Increase your ETF portfolio income

Whether you’re a seasoned investor or creating your first portfolio to help maximize returns and lower losses, our automated investing can do more with your money. Choose one of examined ETF portfolio templates or specify your own structure so Notifinio algorithm will be regularly analysing it and suggesting you portfolio adjustments to
  • negate market risks,
  • leverage volatility opportunities, and
  • increase its performance without necessity to spend any extra time or learning new investment tools.

3 Pillars of Notifinio Rebalancing Methodology

Selected ETF

To save time for some of you we analysed and selected ETFs that meet proven risk and performance levels, so you can choose them for your portfolio without prior knowledge.

Portfolio Allocation

You can choose or get inspired by predefined portfolio allocations crafted to meet your investment goals and risk tolerance. 

Notifinio will be aiming towards its optimization given chosen balance between ROI and risk

Rebalancing Strategy

Our algorithm evaluates market and your portfolio to provide you with answers, about when and what transaction to make. 

We use it ourselves and it has proven


Combination of best practices and knowledge with a flexibility and full control

Right after registration you get access to all Notifinio functionalities so you can achieve financial goals more effectively

Use your investment account to save and buy a house of your dream!

Plan your pension with tax effective CIPA and an investment account

Invest to generate automatic annuity and grow your family estate to pass on to your children

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For those who is new to ETF investment, and those who want to improve their ETF portfolio performance

7 OOTB portfolio templates

Learn how each of them has to do with risks and gains, and start earning with one that fits your investment goals

Don't miss important Buy/Sell action

Our email notifications will keep you informed of new opportunities or necessity to negate risks, so you always know when and what asset to buy or sell

Demo portfolio to try how it works

Checkout our Demo portfolio in real interface.

Ask your questions to be fully aware of what is in Notifinio for you

We appreciate transparency

Free for 4 weeks

From experience we know that it is enough to understand if Notifinio is the right fit for you, ask all questions, and vote for our mutual success with some money

Flat fee, no hidden charges

By paying flat fee you get an access to the packaged tools, no surprises of additional payments guaranteed

Predictable pricing


per year

  • 4 portfolio templates

    Unlimited rebalancing
  • Customizable portfolio
  • 4 backtests runs for your portfolio

We use it ourselves and want you to benefit with us

We don’t believe that anybody can systematically beat the market by 10 or 100+ percent.

But that doesn’t mean there aren’t ways to improve your ETF portfolio returns. Our goal is to maximize your returns by following simple principles of passive investing and cost optimization which we implemented in our ETF investment robo advisor. 

You are 3 minutes away from your Portfolio 2.0


Do you hold my assets?

No, we don’t. You only get the rebalancing/re-investment suggestions to apply. We do not manage directly your investment portfolio, you receive trading signals and decide independently.

Do you have a trial period?

Yes, we do. You have 1-month free trial period without any functionality limitations. Start using Notifinio robo advisor it today and see how your portfolio management improves fast.


  • Access to our pre-defined & tested portfolio universe
  • Possibility to create your own portfolio
  • Immediate notification with the suggested changes for your portfolio to meet the investment goal

What is the difference between Notifinio and other robo-advisors?

We use technology to recommend a ETF portfolio. Our robo advisor leverage automated investing advantages avoiding human factor. The main difference lays in the portfolio investment strategy.

Notifinio’s main goal is to minimize your portfolio management loses. That is the moment when you lose most of the hard-gained profit.

What is your AUTOMATED investment approach?

It is all about money management. According to multiple kinds of research, your portfolio profitability depends NOT on how your portfolio growth, BUT how you save profits & decrease the loss.

Is there an account minimum?

You can start with as small portfolio as you want. We recommend to have at least $150, so you can buy more than one share.


What is ETF?

Exchange Traded Fund is a bucket of various investment tools managed by a professional portfolio management team. There are a different types of ETF starting from index tracker to leveraged funds. Find out more.

What is the cost of Notifinio robo advisor?

After 30 days free trial, Notifinio robo advisor costs you just $24 per year regardless of the number investment positions you have or value of the ETF portfolio.