How to invest in shares for dummies?

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Here are quick step-by-step instructions which will guide you through US stock market investing in shares for dummies.

Open a Brokerage account

To trade U.S. stocks, the first thing to do is to open a brokerage account with a U.S. broker.  Or to find a stockbroker which offers access to US stocks for non-US citizens. One of such brokers is Degiro for EU citizens.

So first step is to set up your account with broker or service provider like Degiro or Robinhood. The process is quite easy and you just need to register there (e.g. enter your account details and confirm set up). That’s shouldn’t take you longer than 5 min.

Once you have your account, you need to send money to it, so you can buy shares or bonds. Usually, all the brokers have an FAQ page where they give nice instruction about how to start (for example, Robinhood has a really nice onboarding page).

Do market research and buy stocks

Afterwards, once the account is done and money is there, it is time to make market research and decide what assets you want to buy. If you do not have time, knowledge or simply afraid of this process, you might look for a recommendation. Some brokers provide their own recommendations about investing in shares for dummies, but be careful and remember that this is not their main business, they make money from your transactions, and they mostly do not care if you lose or make money. Another possibility, is to go with companies which do market research and it is there bread and butter, one of it is Notifinio a simple and transparent stock recommendation platform. Notifinio robo-advisor is  explaining  you how to invest in shares for dummies.

Alright, you have your account with money and know what you want to buy. Now you need to go to the broker and send order( your request to buy or sell an asset on a market at a given price). Wait till the order confirmation and you are done. Congratulations now you are an investor!

Finally investing in shares for dummies

To sum up, below steps answer the question how to invest in shares for dummies.

1. Set up the broker account
2. Put money into the account
3. Do research & pick up the right asset
4. Log into the broker’s account and send trade instructions
5. Enjoy the time being an investor and think about closing the deal with the profit. Now you know how to invest in the US stock market.

P.s. don’t relax, think about when to close the transaction (sell the asset back in case you purchased it) with profit.

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