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Robo investment advisor also known as digital investing service or automated online advisors, these are technology-based investment bot that offer completely automated investing. 

Robo advisors are becoming mainstream quickly and for good reasons. An investment bot can be the best solution especially for the users who are looking for affordable financial advice. However, the number of online investment advisors is swelling continuously as does the array of service range. Many of these are best to consider as socially responsible investment portfolio advisors, access to digital financial planning tools and human financial advisors as well.

Top 5 of Investment advisor from Europe that you must know

Overall, there are plenty of low-cost as well as expensive investment bot options available. Due to which it has become easier to find any type of option when it comes to investment bot. 

However, at the same time, with the continuously increasing number of robo advisors, it is becoming difficult for businesses to choose the one that can suit them the best. To make things easier for you, here we have brought top 5 robo investment advisor options in Europe that you must consider.

Money farm

Are you looking for the best robo advisor to manage your investment portfolio? Money Farm can be a best robo advisor for you to consider. 

It is one of the few amazing robo advisors who used to combine financial technology’s automated advancements with a human touch. You can also get help from financial consultants here, if required, in the process of developing your investment portfolio or to answer certain questions as per the needs of your clients. 

This robo advisor helps investors in meeting their investment goals in a more effective way via three specific actions including:

  • Keeping management costs and fees as low as possible (Tiered, 0.4 to 0.70%)
  • Building a portfolio that is diversified globally 
  • Automatically rebalancing the portfolio to reduce risks. 

Portfolio of Money Farm is based on giving investors the right amount of risk as per their investment portfolio. While the portfolio is developed on the basis of modern portfolio theory, that contains different asset classes. 


  • No minimum capital requirements 
  • Favorable fee scale 
  • Intelligent and automatic portfolio rebalancing to reduce risk 

Overall, Money Farm is a robo advisor that can deliver you well-researched portfolio at as low cost as possible to grow your account to its max level.

Scalable Capital

Are you looking for a low-cost robo advisor? Scalable Capital is one of the fastest growing options in Europe. With a sign up to their services, you will be able to get a personalized, fully managed and globally diversified investment portfolio. Your portfolio will be managed and optimized by humans to monitor and manage risks and maximize return on investments. 

Here you can also access most efficient and cost-effective ETFs. Depending on the platform being used by the robo advisor, minimum deposit requirements may vary. However, Scalable is a passive investment advisor offering dynamic risk adjustments regularly. 


  • Monitored risk management 
  • Low fees (0.75%) for fully managed services 
  • Transparent fee structure 
  • Personalized yet globally diversified portfolios

Overall, Scalable Capital is a cost-effective robo advisor that offers highly sophisticated, personalized yet globally diversified portfolios monitored by humans.


This is one of the largest robo advisors in the UK who is managing assets worth more than £600 million. It is offering a minimum deposit requirement of £500. The team of nutmeg is using a wider range of exchange trade funds to help you in building globally diversified and sophisticated investment portfolios in the best possible way. 

Getting started with nutmeg is pretty easier. Because the sign up and account creating process are super easy and simple. These require a few minutes only to get done with the processes. The fee is ranging from 0.45% to 0.75%. 


  • A wider range of global ETFs 
  • You can choose between a managed portfolio and fixed allocation.
  • Customer service is highly effective.


Whitebox is an investment bot that combines passive investment and active management more effectively. It means Whitebox doesn’t strive to meet market returns only but also works to beat the market more effectively. 

The approach of Whitebox is different from other robo advisors in the market. The approach of this robo advisor is by being active when needed and passive where possible. Whitebox does this to avoid permanent loss, conduct fundamental analysis, and to do rebalancing on the basis of deviation. 

This is highly effective to get additional benefits from the market. 


  • It offers diverse asset allocation 
  • Aimed for highest ROI with active overlay 
  • Superior reward and risk profile 

Overall, this can be a best solution for you if you want to take a more active approach to invest using low cost and passive income choices. 

Nutmeg can be an amazing option for you to consider, if you want to build an investment portfolio with a robo advisor that is offering transparent services.


Easyfolio is an effective robo advisor who handles the entire granular details of any investment portfolio. More amazingly, it requires lower capital only to get started with your investment portfolio. 

The approach of building investment portfolios is risk management based. Most amazingly, in its standard offering, investors are allowed to choose from 4 portfolios based on their needs and abilities to handle or tackle risk. 

The main difference in these portfolios is the amount that is allocated for a safer environment or fixed income. However, the fee of Easyfolio is 0.96%. 


  • Lower investment rate as compared to other robo advisors 
  • Understandable investment options 
  • 3 clear risk profiles to make a better choice.

This robo advisor option is best for the investors who want funds and investment advisor services as well.

Final thoughts about European Robo investment Advisor

Robo advisors can be the option to choose for investors who are looking to set and forget investment portfolios’ solutions. A Robo portfolio advisor can offer them the active portfolio management services. If you don’t know enough about investing, an investment bot can be the best for you to consider. An investment bot or investment advisor can also be a better option for experienced investors as well. 

Because automated features and low fee structure can make a best robo advisor ideal for you to achieve your long-term investment goals more effectively, regardless of your investment background. 

However, when it is about to choose the best robo advisor in Europe, you can consider the above-mentioned best robo advisor options to make most out of your investment in the best possible way.

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