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Have you ever thought about just becoming financially free or creating a passive income streame? (I’m talking about the sort of financial freedom in which you can choose when and when not to go to work). Or maybe you were thinking about making money without doing something?

To kick off, it is essential that you understand the reason for changing your lifestyle. However really quickly, here are my thoughts on passive income.

Is it possible for you to organize your cash flow streams in such a way that you only need a few hours per month in order to control them? Also, can you provide me with some insight as to how I will be able to do it?

Passive income

Passive income means that you do not actively involved in anything. It means you don’t have a daily job that gives you money.

Here are some ideas which might help you to build a steady passive income stream:

  • Write a book and go on constant sales in order to earn some income
  • Go into real estate leasing and get a monthly income from rental payments
  • Start up your own business and start earning money as dividend
  • Put money in your bank deposit and from there, you can receive a fixed periodic payment
  • Invest your money into the stock exchange and earn more money as prices fluctuate and dividends’ payout

For some of these examples, it is essential that you create something that will be useful, and which any people will want to buy. However, for some, you don’t really have to do anything. However, the problem is that going in this direction will mean that you need to have a lot of cash on your hands for instance, in order to get $20k annually with the use of a U.S. saving account, you need to at least invest $1 million at a rate 2.1%.

It’s worth it!

Another solution might be making an investment in the stock market. On an average, stock market indicies (numbers that give accurate measures of the value of groups of stocks) grow at a rate of about 8–9% per annum. When you invest the same $1 million into one of the US indicies, like the S&P500, you will be able to make an average of $80k annually; a whopping 4 times more than what you get offered from your local bank. In order to do so, you will only need to spend 2 hours in 2 years. All you have to do is buy and asset, hold it for some years, and get profit from economy growth.

In the event that you’ll like to earn more with the stock market, feel free to use our platform. We will notify you as regards some of the profitable single stocks on the market that will be able to gain 1–10% in the next 2–4 weeks. By going in this direction, it is possible for you to make 4% every month, or as much as $480k (or $4 800 for $10k investment) per year with an investment of $1 million. You do not necessarily have to have specific knowledge, as we have already taken care of all the homework and prepared step-by-step instructions that will guide on how to start.

Make a quick calculation, on your own, of how much money you didn’t earn just because you kept your money in saving account, as opposed to investing it.

Contact us to for more useful information about stock market and investment.

Read our guide on how to start investing on the stock market.

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