US Stock market update - #27-29 week

Here is a short summary of our signals' results for the US Stock market.

Since week 27 (3rd of July) platform has given 35 signals with a total profit of 63% just in 20 days.

week 27-29 table results


Only 2 signals generated a negative tendency and required an automatic stop-loss execution - 1%BUY and 4%BUY both for Netflix stock. Negative market movement for NFLX was driven by market reaction to weak quarterly results, greatly below the market expectation.

On the other hand, the top performance for the period is

  1. Google with 3.5% of profit in 4 days after the signal or 8% of profit if you hold the position till the 21st of July;
  2. Amazon with 2.66% and executed signal after 7 days, and 8.8% of gain on 21st of July;
  3. Boeing with 5.77% profit after 10 days since the signal published on

There were much more signals, but we focused on the most interesting ones. To improve strategy, we need to make the conclusion and learn the lesson, so one of the most valuable lessons from the past 3 weeks is that sometimes you'd better set tight stop-loss window and set automatic stop-loss execution in your brokerage account.

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