Stock market update - #31 week

As usual, below you will find a US stock market update for the week #31 in terms of signals generated by Notifinio.

During week 31 (between 28th of July and 3rd of August) 9 stock market recommendations were given.

week 31 table results

During the last week, there was no signal which triggered its stop-loss level. Only 1 observe signal given for Chevron Corp (CVX) is showing -1% as by nature of such recommendations it takes time to climb up, on the other hand, the reward is higher with this kind of signals. Overall, CVX perform well in the second quarter of 2018. Chevron's portfolio was well positioned to capture the benefit of higher oil prices and company reported a strong growth in cash flow and earnings.

The two signals from July 30th have achieved the goal and brought investors the target profit - Inc (AMZN) and NVIDIA Corp (NVDA). The achieved profit is 3.09% and 3.26% respectively after 2 days the signal was given.

All in all, the week #31 was quite profitable for investors who used Notifinio recommendations and earned 13% last week.

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