Stock market update - #33 week

As usual, below you will find a US stock market update for the week #33 in terms of signals generated by Notifinio.

During week 33 (between 11th and 18th of August) 4 stock market recommendations were given, excluding Observe signals.

Notifinio week 33, 2018 stock market signals update

During the last week, there was no signal which triggered its stop-loss level.

You may reasonably ask, why we exclude Observe signals from the weekly overview. The reason is simple, it's because Observe signals are not the pure stock market recommendation and should not be used without further analysis. This kind of stock recommendation is used to highlight the investor about potentially attractive opportunity which he or she should follow.

The stock signals were generated for the following assets.

1.Amazon (AMZN:NSQ)

Amazon is the most disruptive force to emerge in retail in several decades. Its network effect, operational efficiency and a brand intangible asset built on customer service provide it with sustainable competitive advantages that few if any, traditional retailers can match.

2. Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc (TMO:NYQ)

Thermo Fisher nonetheless maintains its torrid pace of acquisitions, with the ultimate goal of becoming a go-to provider of life science instruments and consumables. Most recently, the firm closed the acquisition of Patheon for $7.2 billion, acquired Affymetrix and FEI.

3. Alphabet Inc Class C (GOOG:NSQ) and Alphabet Inc A (GOOGL:NSQ)

Alphabet dominates the online search market with Google’s global share above 80%, via which it generates strong revenue growth and cash flow. The firm continues its strong grown in the second quarter of 2018. Total revenue came in at $32.7 billion, up 26% year over year, driven by growth in an ad and other revenue.

This week there were only 4 stock market recommendations, which have not yet shown the result, so hold the position and keep an eye on them.

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