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We have created Notifinio for ourselves and use it on a daily basis for stock market investment.
Since the beginning of 2017 the strategy highlights are as following:
- average profit is 5.04%
- average investment period is 45 days
- the shortest investment period is 11 days with the profit of 8.6%

Step-by-step guide and dedicated support

We know how painful the early investment stage might be, so we have created a detailed guide for you. So you can avoid lots of mistakes. Moreover, you have a dedicated support where you can talk to the founders and get an answer within a couple of hours.

Personalized investment recommendation

See all the investment recommendations at one place which are perfectly matching your investment needs.
Every recommendation is evaluated using multiple algorithms to ensure the highest possible risk to return ratio is achieved.

Forget about doubtful and trustless sources of income and complicated strategies.

Our stock picks tailored for both short-term and long-term investment goals.

Rely heavily on backtesting and our own experience to prove their worth.

We are doing the analysis for the all worldwide ETFs.

All the information is clear and located in one place.

Simple, transparent pricing - IT IS FOR FREE.

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